Brand: META Magnetic Education Materials

Dinocode Unplugged Coding Game

Dinocode is a computer-free coding game designed by META. It is a game aimed at developing basic coding skills for children aged 4 and above.

Dinocode is designed not only to teach fundamental coding skills but also to support children's cognitive, social, and emotional development. It is a screen-free coding tool that fosters algorithmic thinking during the process of acquiring essential life skills. Dinocode enhances children's analytical and synthesis skills, as well as their visual perception abilities. It supports the development of mathematical thinking, storytelling, and imagination.

Dinocode is played on a 6x6 block placement board. With its flexible layout and multiple solutions for each problem, it provides an open-ended gaming platform that strengthens the learning experience.

It can be played individually or with multiple players in a classroom setting, as it allows for both problem creation and solution by the same person.

Dinocode offers the possibility to create an unlimited coding sequence and, consequently, an unlimited number of scenarios on the game board. This means that the storyline within the game is entirely based on the players' imagination. By rearranging obstacles, figures, and symbols, the game can be played with different scenarios over and over again.


600 TL

500 TL
  • Area of ​​Use Individual, Family, Preschool
  • Dimensions Blocks 4x4x1cm, Game Bag 50x30cm
  • Production Materials Beech Wood, Raw Cloth
  • Product Content 36 Wooden Block, Game Case and Platform, Booklet
  • Age Group Ages 4+ and Above
  • Origin Turkiye
  • Delivery Time 1 Week

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